Successful Adoptions in 2008

SIRA's Riku and his new mom, Aimee!

SIRA's Axel, now Saki, adopted by the Mendenhall family!

SIRA's Kai adopted by Nick!

SIRA's Saya, now Maggie, adopted by Cassandra! SIRA's Gaara and his new dad,  John! SIRA's Chiyo and her new parents, Matt and Kathy!
SIRA's Yuzu, now Cali, and her new brother, Bosco! SIRA's Temari and her new mom, Heather! SIRA's Kairi and her new brother Kiba!
SIRA's Max (right) and his new brother, Meiko! SIRA's Kaien and Miyako adopted by Stephanie! SIRA's Ishida, now Shadow, adopted by the Krause family!
SIRA's Sayuri, now Sake, and her new brothers, Nick and Alex! SIRA's Koti with his new mom, Denise! SIRA's Yuffie adopted by Stephanie!
SIRA's Selphie (right) with her new sister, Kairi! SIRA's Sakura, now Sophie, adopted by Amber and Justin! SIRA's Tidus and Lulu adopted by the Foster Family!
SIRA's Rukia (right) with her new brother, Riku! SIRA's Suki adopted by Dee! SIRA's Kikyou (right), now Naiya, with her new dad, Aaron and siblings, Copper and Beatle!
SIRA's Kato with his new parents, Susannah and Tom! SIRA's Chloe, now Mika, with her new mom, Lauren! SIRA's Jinta with his new parents, Eli and Amy!
SIRA's Rin, now Maiko, adopted by Randi and Cami! SIRA's Kaminari, now Gus, adopted by the Woods family! SIRA's Sango (right), now Roxy, with her new parents, Tim, Pam and brother Ryu!
SIRA's Kagome, now Kiki, with her new mom, Cheryl! SIRA's Toshiro, now Charlie, adopted by Carrie! SIRA's Keigo, now Wiley, with his new siblings Nanook and Cody!
SIRA's Ichigo, now Jack, adopted by Paul!    

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