Re-home Your Shiba

Surrendering your Shiba to SIRA

Surrendering your Shiba to SIRA will give your dog exposure to many families specifically looking for a Shiba and give your dog a great chance at finding a loving forever home. 

Once you surrender a dog to SIRA they will be placed with a pre-screened, approved foster family, and you will have no further contact with the dog. Anyone interested in the dog will submit an adoption application to SIRA, and SIRA will closely examine the application, conduct a home visit, and check references before approving the applicant to adopt. The foster home will meet with approved applicants to determine the best match for the dog.  Should anything ever happen and the dog cannot remain with the adopters they will return to SIRA's foster program.  Your dog will always have a safe place to return for the remainder of their life.

For privacy reasons SIRA cannot share any information regarding the dog once you surrender them to the SIRA.  Please take this into consideration before filling out a Surrender Request.

Surrender Request Application

Fill out our intake surrender form and upload photos of your dog at the bottom of the form.  Pictures are mandatory for surrenders, and the surrender form must be completely filled out.  If your surrender form is not complete, we will not consider your dog for placement in our program.  You must also email your dog's veterinarian records to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click here to download SIRA's Surrender Request Application 

Intake Evaluation

After your surrender form has been reviewed, the intake coordinator will contact you for additional information and to set up an evaluation by a SIRA volunteer in your area. Your dog must be evaluated before it will be considered for placement in our foster program. 

Once the evaluation is complete the volunteer will submit a written evaluation to the SIRA intake coordinator.  The Intake Coordinator and Foster Home Coordinator will review the evaluation and determine whether or not to accept your dog into foster care.

Placement in Foster Care

SIRA is an all-volunteer organization that relys solely on foster homes to care for our dogs. Foster space is limited, so it may take some time before a foster home opens up for your dog.  When a foster home becomes available the Intake Coordinator will contact you to arrange a pick up/drop off time with one of SIRA's volunteers.  Please bring all of your dog's items, including toys, bowls, collar, leash, food, treats, flea/tick heart worm medication, other medication, all medical records, and microchip information. 

When your dog is picked up/dropped off, you will need to sign a form relinquishing your ownership of the dog to SIRA.  Though you will not have any further contact with or knowledge of where your dog is placed, rest assured we will take very good care of your dog and find him/her the best possible forever home.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions about the surrender process.

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