Hollie is a 10 month old Female Shiba being fostered in MO

10 months old
Sesame Female
17 lbs.
Spayed, UTD & Microchipped

Heartworm Negative

IL, IN, MI, WI, IA, MO, MN Placement Preferred

If you are interested in adopting please read SIRA's adoption policies and procedures and fill out the adoption application.  For questions regarding Hollie please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hollie's adoption fee is $400

Meet Hollie
November 24th, 2012

Hollie is a 10 month old Shiba Inu who came to SIRA a couple months ago from a commercial breeder. Hollie is finally getting familiar with our cats.  At the beginning, she liked the chase and the noise they made.  She has not hurt them and is sporadic when she does chase after them. She can live with cats but if the cat is a very stressful one then Hollie probably wouldn't be the right fit for them. Hollie would do best in a home with one other dog who is preferably a beta male.

Right now, Hollie is kept in the main living area.  Food and water are available 24/7.  She has been drinking and eating out of the shared food and water bowl.  She will eat and drink, at the same time with Yoshi, my 10 month old male shiba inu. But will wait her turn to eat/drink when Kiko or Shiba, my two older female shibas, are eating/drinking.

We have a fenced in yard and have no incidents of escapes.  We did have an incident were Hollie would not come and we couldn't find her in the yard.  She had managed to get under our lower deck and hide.  She later revealed herself.  She is quite good at hide and seek.  :)  I would highly recommend a fenced in yard for her.  She likes to "burn" off energy.

Hollie still likes to go to her crate.  She knows this is her "safe spot."  She would do better in a home with older children.  Whenever she is not comfortable, she goes to her crate/kennel.  We've closed the kennel while we are home and in the living room.  She usually jumps onto the couch with us or onto a large beanbag in the living room.

She is doing better on a leash, but still doesn't quite understand it yet .  We do keep a collar on her at all times (with a tag).
I've allowed her to have chew bones (rawhides) a few times to "test" how she is when it is taken away and when other animals are around.  No issues there.  She and Yoshi will play trying to take it from each other.  When the dogs are given bones/treats, I keep Shiba and Kiko separate from Hollie.  Although, when giving them small dog treats, Hollie wants all of them and is having a rough time waiting her turn.  She has gotten better with not snapping and taking treats gently.

Hollie is in transition to be a lap dog.  She loves to cuddle and has been known to jump on the couch next to any of us (myself, husband, daughter, grandmother) and lay down.  She enjoys a good scratch on the head/neck and will let you know to keep going, by pawing your hand, even if you decide to stop.

She is still shy, even though we've had her for over a month.  She comes in and out of the house on her own.  She does not care for the hardwood or ceramic floors, carpet is preferred.

We've had no accidents in the house.  She goes to the door to get let out, but if your not paying attention, she will get in your face to let you know.  She has no issues with going outside during rain, although she doesn't care for the toweling off when she comes in.
Hollie was thin when we received her, but she seems to be filling out.  She's eating and drinking well.


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