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SIRA Shibas Available for Adoption

**Featured Foster of the Month - June 2008**
**Update 6/9/08**
Choji - IL

**Update 6/9/08**
**Update 6/17/08**
Selphie - IL
Keigo - IL
Koti - IL
Hige - IL
Toshiro - IL

Send SIRA needy foster Shibas a PETCO gift certificate!  Click the banner below then search for "Shiba Inu Rescue Association" to make your donation!


We also offer courtesy listings!
What is a "courtesy listing?"


No current courtesy lisings.


These dogs have Courtesy Listings.  These dogs are not under the care of Shiba Inu Rescue Association.  As such SIRA takes no responsibility or liability as to the accuracy of these listing in regards to the dogs' temperament or heath.  All responsibility and liability lies with the owners/caretakers.  To inquire about adopting these dogs you must contact the owners/caretakers directly using the email links provided on the bio pages.  You do not need to fill out the SIRA adoption application for courtesy lisings.  Please note that the owners/caretakers may have a different adoption process than SIRA and the adoption fees may be different than SIRA's adoption fees.

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